Smart Grips For iPad

Smart Grips: Non-Slip Grip Strips For iPad

The Best Way To Protect Your iPad!

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Let's start with just the facts...

Smart Grips are thin, textured non-slip grips that attach to the back of your iPad. They make it easier to use, easier to carry, and harder to drop.

Smart Grips help protect the back of your iPad from daily wear and tear, and they work hand-in-hand with Smart Covers.

Smart Grips are thin, translucent, and elegant, unlike most cases.

Smart Grips can be applied in about a minute.

Should you ever want to remove your Smart Grips, just peel them off.

Smart Grips work on full-sized iPads (2, 3, 4, and the iPad Air).

Easy To Carry, Easy To Read, Harder To Drop

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The iPad is one slick piece of engineering. Perhaps a little too slick.

You know how it goes, you're on the couch or in bed trying to read an article on your iPad, and the slippery little sucker keeps wanting to slide out of your hand.

But not with Smart Grips. Not only do they make your iPad easier to use, they make it easier to carry, and they make it harder to drop.

The durable, textured surface provides just enough grip to stop things from sliding out of control, but isn't so sticky or rubbery that it interferes with sliding your iPad into a backpack or purse… or even most other cases.

Speaking of which...

Smart Grips Work With Smart Covers!

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The Smart Cover and the iPad were made for each other.

Built-in magnets draw the Smart Cover to iPad for a perfect fit that not only protects, but also wakes up, stands up, and brightens up your iPad.

That's smart. So why aren't you using one? Could it be because that oversized plastic condom you bought to "protect" your pad prevents you from using one?

Not smart.

Smart Grips let you hold onto your iPad, and they don't interfere with the Smart Cover. Just fold the Smart Cover back over the grips and enjoy.

(Smart Grips don't interfere with most iPad docks and stands, either.)

Smart Grips: We've Got Your Back...

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Face it. Most of the damage to your iPad comes from simple day-to-day use. Smart Covers may protect the front of your iPad, but they leave the back naked and defenseless.

Over time, the relatively soft aluminum back of your iPad will become scratched and scarred simply from constantly picking it up and setting it down on tables, chairs, benches, and other inhospitable surfaces.

But not with Smart Grips.

Smart Grips are just 0.025 inches thin and 0.70 inches wide, but that's more than enough to keep your iPad's back up off the table, safe and unharmed.

They even protect the edge of your iPad that normally rests on the table when the Smart Cover is used to prop it up.

Your iPad Is Beautiful… So Why Hide It In An Ugly Case?

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Steve Jobs, Jonathan Ive, and countless others at Apple poured their hearts and souls into creating and refining the iPad.

It's an iconic work of art, and a masterpiece of design.

So why are you hiding it in a ugly plastic case?

Smart Grips are thin, translucent, and unobtrusive. Smart Grips let you eliminate fat bulky cases and covers and enjoy your iPad's design.

Just like Jon intended...

And What Do Our Customers Think?

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Just see for yourself...

"Awesome product! Really like it with my new keyboard which offered no protection. Now it is easy to hold onto. Application was a cinch, a chimp could do it."
~ Tim Durkin, Dallas TX
"I put Smart Grips on both of our iPads. Love them. In fact, I don't know why Apple didn't design the iPad this way in the first place."
~ Peggy Finch, Omaha NE

You'll love them too. In fact, we're so sure of that we're offering our customers a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

If you try Smart Grips and don't like them, for whatever reason, just return them for a full refund.

No questions asked!


Smart Grips Are A Bargain!

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Smart Grips are just $16.95!

Save today with our special introductory offer and get 30% off the normal list price of $24.95.


Plus, as an added bonus we're also offering free shipping on any order delivered within the United States!

Remember, Smart Grips make your iPad easier to use, easier to carry, and harder to drop. They're smart protection for your iPad.

Be smart. Order yours now.
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Easy On, Easy Off

Smart Grips can be applied in about a minute.

Should you ever want to remove your Smart Grips, just peel them off.

(Hey, maybe you're selling it, and your iPad's next owner is less aesthetically demanding...)

Smart Grips use a special UV stable, non-yellowing adhesive that's specifically designed to be strong, but not permanent.

What They're Not...

Smart Grips make your iPad easier to hold, easier to use, and help prevent it from being scratched during day-to-day use.

They're also pretty.

They're not magic, however. Drop an Smart Grip equipped iPad onto concrete, and that iPad will be damaged.

We just make it harder to drop.

What You Get...

Order, and you get two sets of die-cut Smart Grips for your iPad, plus pads to clean the back of your iPad.

We also give you detailed instructions on installing and removing your grips.

(Or you can watch the installation video here on our site.)

Other than our sincere thanks for supporting Smart Grips, that's pretty much it!